All You Need to Know About Biker Jerseys

Cycling is a sport that pretty much anyone can watch or take part in, because there really aren’t any rules; you just need to ride a bike and be a good sportsmen. That being said, even though everyone can take part in this sport, not everyone really understands why bikers choose to wear those jerseys. Well, there is an answer to that, and we are going to give you some reasons to why they do that. So, let’s start listing them, shall we?

The Materials

One of the most important reasons why cyclists choose to wear the cycling jerseys is the fact that they are made of a special material design for sweating. So, if the cyclist is feeling extremely hot, he’ll normally start to sweat a lot, and wearing an ordinary cotton printed T-shirt does not help much due to the fact that it attracts all that moisture. Then, that gets pressed against your skin, which could make you cold, or even give you a cold!

Well, such a thing does not happen with the cycling jerseys which were especially designed for sweating. The fabric used for this us usually a synthetic one for the Summer jerseys, and merino for the Winter ones. These kind of jerseys allow the cyclist to breathe normally and draw the sweat far away from the skin.

The Fitting

We’ve all noticed how the cycling jerseys are really tight fit and they are like that due to the fact that there can’t be any loose clothing that is going to flap around in the wind. You can get some cycling jerseys that aren’t as tight as some people think, but there are those extremely tight-fitting ones as well. The good thing about the most simple jerseys is the fact that they don’t really cost that much – you can get them for around £30, and they’re great for beginners; you’ll later figure out if you need a more tight-fitting or a loose-fitting one.

The design of the cycling jersey is the way it is due to the fact that the cyclist needs to lean forward; jerseys used in other sports have no need for that. That is why these kinds of jerseys have special silicone grippers, or just some tighter fabric near the bottom of the jerseys and around the sleeves; this was not placed there to allow you to lean forward better, but to keep your jersey from riding up. So, when buying a cycling jersey, try it out by leaning forward; if it doesn’t ride up, it’s a good jersey for you.

The Pockets

No one really thinks about the pockets on the jerseys, but the cycling ones have two or three of them. They are usually on the rear, and are extremely useful – they are mostly used for storing some additional lube, an allen key, etc. They also allow you not to carry a backpack for smaller commutes, meaning that you’ll travel more lightly. And due to the fact that these jerseys are waterproof, you can even sore your phone there, or your credit cards, wallet, home keys, etc.